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Welcome to Andøya

In the far North of Norway, at the northen end of the Lofoten and Vesterålen island chain, the spectacular island of Andøya awaits you with with her jagged mountains, midnight sun, giant sperm whales, and some of Norway's finest coastal walking...

The Lofoten and Vesterålen islands have become famous across the world for their spectacular arctic beauty -. and of these islands, Andøya - "the island of wild ducks" - is the least known to the outside world.

Andøya is special for many reasons - the giant whales living just off the coast, Bleiksøya, with thousands of nesting puffins, and spectacular geology: Andøya was the only place in Europe not covered by ice during the last ice age. But it is "the best whale watching in the world" which sets Andøya apart ...



So close to the whales!

In Andenes, the edge of the continental shelf is closer to land than anywhere else along the coast of Norway. Here, a special deep sea area called Bleik Canyon was formed thousands of years ago. This extraordinary spot provides a stable stock of Sperm whales with food such as deep sea squid and fish. Andenes is the most convenient whale watching location in Northern Norway - it takes only an hour to reach this magnificent whale watching grounds.

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